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Photovoltaic water heating -
sustainable & affordable


With our solutions for photovoltaic water heating
we ensure diversity in the boiler room

Our NEX-R series are smart, retrofittable heating elements that work directly with solar power and mains power.

This means that anyone can install renewable energies in their existing system and directly reduce their energy costs.

Depending on the size of the storage tank, our products can control one or two heating elements and heat the storage tank in layers. This shortens the heating time and increases comfort for the end customer.

Our plug-play design simplifies installation, so that a skilled end customer can install our products themselves.

Your Advantages


Simple Installation

Direct use of DC electricity from PV module



High quality components

Dependable hot water




Heats top of storage first, to deliver continously

showerready water


Flexible Use

Works with DC and AC electricity Decides autonomous which

source is used, solar is alwayspreferred

How It Works

As soon as the sun begins to shine, voltage builds up in the solar modules and flows from the series-connected solar modules into the Nexol Energy Controller.

There it passes through the DC/DC converter and current flows to the DC coil of the AC/DC screw-in heater with virtually no loss. Depending on the performance of the modules, the screw-in heater immediately begins to convert all the energy into heat and heat the storage tank.


If the weather is bad or the sun no longer shines, the Energy Controller can be used to reheat using mains power.


Overheating is not possible thanks to the solar modules.

Winter frost doesn't bother them.

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Heat water, not the planet!

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