Quality & Environment 

The quality and environmental management of NEXOL Photovolthermic AG is an important component of the corporate philosophy. NEXOL's high quality standards and environmental guidelines are applied in development, procurement and production of the NEXOL water heater, as well as in the company's working methods and processes.

Highest quality

Only if a product meets the high expectations of the customer, a concept turns into a quality product. To deliver the highest quality of NEXOL's water heater is a personal matter for us. The high reliability of NEXOL prodcuts is the basis for success of the company.

Our common goal is to offer the world a resource-conserving and efficient alternative for hot water generation and to promote the energy revolution with the help of decentralized and smart consumers.

Our environment is important to us

NEXOL Photovolthermic AG is an environmentally conscious company. Sustainable and resource-conserving action is our top priority. From our point of view, environmental and climate protection is one of the central social problems.  The NEXOL boiler enables us to produce warm water from clean green energy without CO2 emissions.

To play our part in the fight against climate change, we are addressing three energy transition challenges


1. Energy Storage:

Our NEXOL water heater can store photovoltaic electricity directly.

2. Energy Efficiency

We have developed a cost-effective sustainable way to produce hot water

3. Renewable Energy 

Our NEXOL water heater can be run with photovoltaic electricity autonomously