NEXOL Photovolthermic AG

NEXOL Photovolthermic AG is a young startup that is engaged in the development of water heater powered by photovoltaic electricity.  We founded NEXOL three years ago. Our company is located  in Rheinland-Pfalz and a production site in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. NEXOL is a broad mix of young graduates and experts from the solar industry. With their different backgrounds, diverse experiences are shared from starting up a business, managing a mid-sized company or developing prototypes and an over 60 years of combined working experience in photovoltaics. NEXOL common goal is to provide customers with a resource-efficient and climate neutral alternative for warm water supply.

Our Vision 

NEXOL developed an innovative way of solar water heating. The Nexol-Boiler is powered directly with electricity directly from the PV-module and needs no connection to the power grid. It enables people everywhere in the world to heat their water without CO2 emission. Furthermore, the boiler has a low purchasing price compared to similar solutions and runs many years without maintenance because of the few installed moving components.
A solution with using solar energy is not only more sustainable but also not as dangerous as energy sources like diesel or gas.