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Hot water heating using solar power is the robust and sustainable solution for every household to reduce its energy costs and do something good for the climate. With a manageable investment, you can make your hot water production sustainable and benefit from the falling photovoltaic prices.

The Power2Heat concept brings together all solutions for generating heat with (ideally sustainable) electricity. Even if you currently have a heat pump with a large PV system in mind, you can also start small.

Our NEX R series devices can be retrofitted into most existing systems and are easy to install thanks to their plug & play design. They can completely cover your hot water demand on sunny days and help reduce heating costs in winter.

On average, our NEX-R series can reduce the hot water requirements of a 2-4 person household by up to 50%.

NEX R1.png


NEX R1 is your upgrade set for buffer tanks with only one free socket. By using only one heating rod, it is flexible in its application and can be retrofitted into most buffer tanks. 


NEX R2 is your upgrade set for buffer tanks with two free sockets. It comes with two screw-in heating rods to enable zone heating. By this, we maximize your comfort without using more electricity.

NEX R2.png
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